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The Macaque Atlas section of core-nets.org allows exploration of cortical parcellation (A weighted
and directed inter-areal connectivity matrix for macaque cerebral cortex Cerebral Cortex 2012).. 

An interface allows the identification and localization of the 91 areas of interest and
navigation through coronal brain sections, and electronically derived horizontal and parasagittal
equivalents. This feature allows comparison of the connectivity data from our coronal atlas to be
compared to horizontal and parasagittal atlases used elsewhere.

The Database section of core-nets.org houses a major neuroanatomical database.
It provides inter-areal strength of projection resulting from injections of retrograde tracers in 29
cortical areas in macaque monkeys (The role of long-range connections on the specificity of the macaque interareal cortical network, PNAS 2013). Here an interactive interface allows exploration of the 

surface maps of connections and a bibliographic analysis for each pathway.

In the download section of core-nets.org, electronic datafiles are available for download. You will find databases used in our publications and our 3D atlas compatible with caret software.